Let's manage water better!

Our purpose is simple. We believe water is our most precious resource and want to help you make the best use of it in your environment. Even the smallest actions can make a difference. Whether you want to capture and store water to use later or build systems in your landscape to retain water and reduce runoff, we would love to talk to you!

Consultations/Site Assessments

  • Rainwater harvesting supply/demand/feasibility studies for potable and non-potable use
  • Development of stormwater management detention/retention scenarios and options
  • Performance evaluation of existing rainwater collection and stormwater management systems
  • Water quality testing

Project conception and design

  • Professional design services including 3D modeling
  • Comprehensive design packages with all pertinent site details, system parts and components
  • Focus on cost-effective, low maintenance solutions
  • We would be pleased to work with your engineer, architect or landscape designer
  • Engineer-stamped plans as required


  • Full build and installation of your rainwater harvesting, rain garden or other stormwater management solution
  • Building permit management
  • System documentation and maintenance plans for all installed systems


  • Regular maintenance of all system components
  • Free email maintenance reminders for do-it-yourselfers


  • Let us share our passion for rainwater management with your group or organization
  • Customized, interactive presentations for groups of any size

quick and easy solutions

We understand that not everyone has time, budget or inclination to embark on a costly, design-intensive project. If are looking to get up and running quickly without spending a lot of money, don't hesitate to call us; we can help make sure your system works properly and meets your expectations.