Our Purpose

Based in Brentwood Bay on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula, we are a local company that is fully invested in our region and community. We believe that a revolution is coming in the way we manage water and we want to help you be a part of it. Our biggest aspiration is to give you practical tools, knowledge and systems to build a more beautiful and resilient home, business or landscape.

The question which must be addressed...is not how to care for the planet, but how to care for each of the planet's millions of human and natural neighbourhoods, each of its millions of small pieces and parcels of land, each one of which is in some precious and exciting way different from all of the others."
- Wendell Berry

Our Team

Jess Bossert, Rainwater Specialist

Jess has had a diverse career with more than twenty years of leadership and project management experience in the public and private sector. He has always been fascinated by water, but a passion was born in 2005 on a two-year posting at the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya. Over this period, Jess traveled extensively throughout the ecologically and geographically diverse region of East Africa, gaining a sound appreciation for the impact that water (or lack thereof) has on the environment and the people that live in it. Jess's first rainwater harvesting system was installed in 2006 in a small village near Kisumu in Eastern Kenya.

Following years of working within large corporate organizations and government, Jess became convinced of the power of small-scale private enterprise to make meaningful change in the world. A lifetime gardener, outdoor enthusiast and avid part-time farmer, Jess has a genuine love of nature and a desire to leave the world a little better than he found it.

Jess has a deep commitment to professional excellence and is an active member of the Amercian Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) and Canadian Association for Rainwater Management (CANARM).

Kelsey Fletcher, Administration

 Kelsey has many years of experience in the private sector and an avid and growing interest in rainwater management.  She is especially fascinated with the design and integration of rain ponds, rain gardens, and water features into landscapes. Kelsey keeps things organized and manages scheduling and administration, while also bringing a creative touch to the business. She is a professional photographer and loves to document the work we do. Kelsey has been an avid gardener for many years and helps to manage a small hobby farm. She is dedicated to excellence in all things!