Make the most of water in your environment.


Standard home and commercial drainage systems flush water away as quickly as possible. Tempest turns this idea upside down by helping you harness rainwater to make your home, business or landscape more beautiful and resilient.

Based in Victoria, BC, we are your urban rainwater specialists!


Rainwater Harvesting - Rain Gardens - Onsite stormwater management



Why Care?

Impermeable surfaces such as roofs, parking lots and driveways interrupt the normal water cycle, creating deserts beneath our feet. Infiltrating or using the rain that falls on a site restores the natural processes that cleanse water, helps to recharge aquifers, relieves pressure on stormwater infrastructure, and can give you your own reliable source of water to use as you see fit.

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We can help!

At Tempest, we are in this business because we care about water as much as you do. Whether you are looking to use rain as your primary source of household water, are interested in supplementing a well or municipal service, or want to redirect your downspout to a beautiful rain garden, we have the expertise to plan and execute your project. 

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